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Easy Maintenance Is a Bonus with Small-Format CO2 Refrigeration

Easy Maintenance Is a Bonus with Small-Format CO2 Refrigeration

Easy Maintenance Is a Bonus with Small-Format CO2 Refrigeration

In 2014, research firm Packaged Facts reported that the average size of supermarkets has been trending smaller since 2006. At the same time, consumers have continued to ask for more fresh and convenient food options, and supermarkets — along with small-format retailers such as drugstores and convenience stores — have responded by increasing their fresh and prepared food selections. And just as space is becoming more limited and offerings are becoming more complex, retailers are trying to keep up with environmental regulations to reduce or eliminate HFC refrigerants.

Fortunately, there are new, sustainable CO2 refrigeration systems that make it easier for retailers to adapt to these changing demands and market conditions. Natural CO2 refrigeration has been used in the past but was displaced by synthetic refrigerants more than 50 years ago. As for today’s clean, efficient CO2 technology gains popularity among retailers in the United States, some may have concerns about its cost or complexity. Equipment like the AdvansorFlex CO2 refrigeration system is designed to put those concerns to rest, with safe, simple operation and ease of maintenance that alleviates some of the tasks and challenges associated with maintaining traditional HFC systems.

Low-Touch Preventive Maintenance

Retailers who are new to the refrigeration game or looking for more sustainable and easily configurable options will appreciate the simplicity and scalability of the AdvansorFlex system. The unit’s single receiver has an integrated suction accumulator and internal heat exchanger, which contributes to the system’s compactness.

Vibration dampeners between the compressor and its respective mounting plates reduce operating noise, help to prevent line breakage, and extend the lifetime of the compressor. The compressor mounts are raised, making it easier to remove the compressor for service or replacement. A corrosion-free, mechanically fastened rack frame both eliminates the need for onsite welding or painting and reduces system vibration and component wear. Pressure relief valves provide protection from excessive pressure buildup during regular operation as well as during standstill conditions.

Maintenance Without Disruption

For many retailers, the ultimate measure of a new refrigeration system is its impact on day-to-day store operation and, ultimately, the shopper experience. AdvansorFlex can be installed in equipment rooms or on rooftops, making it a viable option for retailers. Since CO2 is a natural, non-synthetic refrigerant, store operators and facilities managers are free from the refrigerant leak and recordkeeping requirements of HFC or HCFC systems.

Product Support

Hillphoenix provides customers with specific product training and an extensive library of product information, as well as both instructor-led training and online continuing education. In the event that a challenge does arise, the company’s quick-response team will promptly identify and resolve the problem.

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