Here’s How Grocers Can Gear Up for the Upcoming Holiday Season

By Published On: November 10, 2021

The next few remaining months of the year signal the start of the busy and exciting days ahead, especially for food retailers. This coming holiday season, consumers are eager and excited to celebrate with their loved ones as restrictions are beginning to ease and more people are getting comfortable adapting and living with the pandemic lifestyle.

Since consumers were not able to gather for the fall and winter celebrations last year, it is expected that there will be an increase in consumer spending for the holiday season this year. Twenty-nine percent of US consumers are planning to spend more on holiday shopping this year compared to 2020, according to a study from the NPD group.

Here are some ways grocers can gear up for the upcoming holiday season:

Highlight Seasonal Promotions

The coming holiday celebrations, starting with Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and stretching to the New Year, will push retailers to innovate, diversify and strengthen product offerings to match the needs of their customers. Highlighting seasonal promotions and flavors in the grocery stores such as turkeys, pumpkin pies and gift baskets will keep customers engaged and heighten their shopping experience. Also, with all the expected gatherings bound to happen this holiday season, the bakery, produce, and deli departments will surely be a hit with customers.

Private Label Wins Big

Thanks to consumers’ willingness to try new brands, this holiday season is the best time for grocers to extensively position their private labels. Tying private brands and seasonal offerings together, such as gift baskets and packages, will further promote grocers’ private portfolios. These private labels also have a winning potential in customers’ baskets when it comes to helping complete the ingredients for the holiday meal planning.   

Hybrid Shopping Experience Is Essential

One size doesn’t fit all. Thereby, food retailers need to meet the customer right at the center of their shopping habits. Some consumers have been accustomed to shopping online while others like going through grocery aisles in the store. That is why the grocers’ role is to integrate online with in-store shopping, creating a hybrid shopping experience that best fits their customers. Especially during this busy holiday season, seasonal items should be visible and accessible online and in-store. Customers should have the option to check out online and have their meals or groceries picked up or delivered – creating a seamless customer shopping experience.

After more than a year of not seeing our loved ones, this coming holiday season will be a highly anticipated and exciting one as people are planning to have a mix of traditional in-person and virtual gatherings with family and friends. Certainly, there will be the pressure that comes with all the holiday meal planning and preparations, however, the grocers who are able and ready to support their customers for a stress-free holiday feast will surely win their customers’ hearts.