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i2i Modular Island System


Hillphoenix announces the availability of i2i Modular Island System, part of the new Island 2 Innovate – i2i – multifunctional merchandising platforms. The highly flexible, multi-case design provides an innovative display solution, no matter whether your retail needs are for refrigerated, hot or dry product applications. A completely modular design gives you the ultimate flexibility to design a merchandiser that will fit your store layout and your sales needs exactly. Who knew the best and latest solution for your specific needs would be your own design? Choose everything from a single case to a total island design or something in-between. The Hillphoenix i2i Multifunctional Island Platforms are a fresh new approach that presents a creative and compelling merchandising experience that will work well in any location—in any department—in your store.

For more information contact your sales representative, call 770-255-3264 or email sales@hillphoenix.com

  • Multifunctional Merchandising Platform
  • Highly Flexible Multi-Case Design
  • Adapts to Any Floor Plan
  • Durable All-Metal Construction

I2I Modular Island Case System

Retailers and Their Customers Finally See i2i!

• All-metal construction delivers a smooth and durable design that can stand up to the highest volume retail locations.

• The salad and soup modules are designed with a wraparound sneeze guard that can accommodate the addition of a soup bar end or drop down area for packaging—without compromising the original sleek glass design.

• Built-in cold well designs with removable front plenum provide for adjustable pan configurations that can be either flat or angled.

• Modular construction delivers a design flexibility that adapts to any floor plan without compromising performance.

• Multiple case designs can be pre-assembled up to 14’ in length to provide for an easier island installation.

• Available in standard heights:  51”, 54” and 56.25” to maximize product pack-out for merchandising flexibility.

• Designed in an array of case widths to fit any store floorplan:  4’, 5’, 6’, and 7’.