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Shine the Right Light on Your Offerings to Stand Out in the Marketplace

By Published On: August 16, 2017
Shine the Right Light on Your Offerings to Stand Out in the Marketplace

It should come as no surprise that LED lighting continues to rise in popularity to save cost and improve efficiency.  An overlooked detail is that improper use can actually reduce sales, too.  By using incorrect color temperatures and not protecting product integrity, customer satisfaction is at risk.

Let’s look at color.  Opting to use warm or cool tones appropriately around your produce, meats, and even packaged frozen products makes all the difference in the world to how your shoppers view your offerings.  Vibrant colors naturally exist in fresh fruits and vegetables.  If your LEDs aren’t dialed in to bring out those colors, then they will simply look washed out and even unappealing.  With a growing focus on fresh trends around the perimeter, making your produce look as healthy and delicious as it is becomes critical to drawing in your customers and driving sales.

Using the proper tones in your frozen cases puts your products in their best light, literally.  Keep packages from looking faded and dated, bring out vibrant tones in labels, and draw shoppers in with eye catching colors.  Market sophistication requires supermarkets to stay on their game for what appeals visually to consumers, even in the frozen aisle.

Fresh meat packaging continues to evolve from plastic wrapped with Styrofoam trays to vacuum sealed for freshness and storage.  This means your lighting needs to evolve, too.  Selecting the right color temperature is imperative to keeping your meats looking fresh.  Furthermore, the proper LED settings help to maintain the integrity of your meat cuts.  You want to tempt your shoppers with a beautiful selection and delight their taste buds after it’s been cooked.  By protecting the color and integrity of your meat department, you are improving sales and reducing loss of inventory as well as compelling happy shoppers to return.

Don’t be fooled by the size of LEDs, as they can have a big impact.  Sight is often the first recruited sense as your customers enter your store.  What are you putting on display for them?  Is it a warm, welcoming environment with enticing produce and meats?  Or is it showcasing washed out and faded tones across your fresh and frozen aisles?

Stand out in the marketplace by using LEDs to your advantage.  Highlight your best offerings, tempt your shoppers with visible freshness, and treat them to the visual experience they deserve.

As LED lighting continues to emerge as the leading choice to highlight and spotlight the features of foods and packaging, guidance on how to best utilize it is minimal.