Tips for Landscaping and Merchandising a Fresh Food Island

By Published On: December 31, 2021

“Fresh” is at the forefront of the food industry, and food retailers are constantly seeking new ways to meet the fresh expectations of shoppers. Hillphoenix’s new Island 2 Innovate (i2i) modular island system gives retailers a unique opportunity to create a fresh Destination Center that combines hot, cold, wet and dry offerings into a one-stop fresh destination.

Any department can be transformed into a Destination Center with i2i’s modular, multi-case design. i2i’s wide selection of end cap displays and center inline cases allow grocery retailers to create compelling merchandising experiences featuring an endless combination of refrigerated, heated, wet and/or dry platforms.

Inspire curiosity with Destination Center themes

Merchandising themes give shoppers a new reason to stop and look, and i2i’s modular design allows retailers to showcase an even broader array of themed products. Here’s how to create an Italian-themed Destination Center using a Hillphoenix i2i modular island configured with two end cap cases and two inline cases.

  • One end cap was merchandised with Italian-inspired self-service hot foods promoting ready-to-go hot meals.
  • One inline case presented a refrigerated olive and antipasti bar. And a second inline case showcased refrigerated wine and cheese.
  • A refrigerated end cap was blooming with fresh flowers.

This Italian-themed display was not only a festive Destination Center for shoppers, but it also promoted fresh foods and items from several categories and departments. Retailers should have fun with themes and design an island to suit the store’s demographics.

Build food flexibility into the island

Think outside the box and build food flexibility into an island on a daily or seasonal basis.  While most offerings in a store remain static, a Destination Center should be exciting and engaging for shoppers. By creating a playbook of daily or seasonal offerings, retailers can take advantage of i2i’s flexible design and easily swap out offerings on a regular basis.

For the month leading up to Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, for example, an island can be merchandised with floral bouquets in a refrigerated end cap or bags containing special occasion-inspired ready-to-go meals. If there’s a salad bar in the center section, turn it into a refrigerated dessert bar. Transform the hot end cap used for weekday rotisserie chickens into an area for merchandising hot holiday pies. If customers know an island is changing, they’ll be motivated to visit and curious to see what new items are being offered. Refrain from merchandising an eight-foot section with eight brands of like products —that’s not inspiring. Instead, assemble items that complement one another and pique shoppers’ curiosity.

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