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The right lights turn closed cases into ‘food galleries’

By Published On: September 3, 2015

By Jack Sjogren
Hillphoenix Design Center Specialist

Using proper lighting inside and around closed-door refrigerated cases turns glass-fronted coolers into gallery-worthy display spaces. That increases the value of your investment in high-visibility cases, such as the Clarity line from Hillphoenix. And it ensures your closed cases not only offer energy savings and product longevity, but also show merchandise at its best. Here are a few tips for putting merchandise behind doors in the best light:

  • Use warm-colored LED lights in cool spaces. Avoid white and blue-tinged light inside refrigerated cases. Instead, use blubs on the “warm” red-to-yellow color spectrum to create inviting displays.
  • Beware of glare. Hide light sources so products are illuminated but not annoying to shoppers’ eyes. Also, put packages with low-reflective packaging closest to light sources. If a package is coated with a highly reflective, glossy sheen, move it away from direct light to keep the product from being obstructed by reflective glare.
  • Go vertical. To achieve even light across your entire display, install in-case lights vertically, rather than horizontally. Vertical lights highlight the front of products on display — drawing attention right where you want your customers to look. And they also reduce shadows that can create dark spots inside a case.
  • Organize shelves for maximum light. Select shelf sizes for the best quality of light — ideally about 6 inches away from your light source.
  • Think about lighting outside the case, too. Make sure you’re using indirect light in the aisles so you won’t get glare on glass doors. (And don’t forget about the effect of skylights.) Lower the light in refrigerated aisles so the illuminated merchandise steals the show.

With the right lights, your product becomes a palette — transforming merchandise displays into food gallery installations.