Fresh-on-the-perimeter: Produce destination centers meet shopper demands for convenience and healthy foods

By Jack Sjogren
Hillphoenix Design Center Specialist

Join Jack Sjogren and Kelly Sayko for “Innovations in the Fresh Perimeter” at Supermarket Sense 2016, September 21-22 in Conyers, Ga.

Adding a destination center to a supermarket’s produce department satisfies two important shopper demands simultaneously. Offering pre-cut ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat produce provides time-saving convenience to busy shoppers. And it helps them meet their goals of eating healthier.

Check out this validating data:

  • About a third of consumers say they aren’t making meals at home because they’re just too tired to cook after a long day, according to a survey conducted for the National Association of Convenience Stores.
  • 58% of consumers who plan to eat at home more often this year say they are striving for better health, according to food industry research firm Datassential.
  • 44% of consumers who have a bad produce experience at one store move to another supermarket, according to a survey done by the University of California, Davis.

That last statistic should make every grocer stop and take a critical look at their produce section. Would a fresh-on-the-perimeter produce destination center help your store meet consumers’ demands and encourage shopper loyalty?

Shoppers want high-quality produce, easy-to-consume fruits and vegetables, and new ideas for how to use them. Those are the opportunities are guiding supermarkets toward produce destination centers.

Supermarket Sense 2016 will bring together retail operations, thought leaders and dedicated food retail industry professionals for a comprehensive and collaborative training event next month in the Atlanta metro area. Sponsored by Hillphoenix, Unified Brands, Datassential and Harold Lloyd Presents, the two-day event will be held in Conyers, Ga. on September 21-22.