Infographic: Capture Savings as You Spend Capex Dollars on Refrigeration Upgrades

By Published On: September 6, 2016

Are you looking for projects to help you make the most of your allocated capital expenditure budget before the year runs out? A refrigeration system upgrade is a strong option. Here’s why:

  • It’s a capex project that can be accomplished in a relatively short time.
  • There’s no major construction.
  • It positions your store for more modernization down the road.
  • The upfront costs can often be offset by rebates and incentives — as much as 40% depending on project size and location.
  • The investment is returned through years of energy savings. Your refrigeration system upgrade also may lead to savings on water and natural gas, depending in the project.

Plus, modernizing a supermarket refrigeration system offers a range of long-term benefits. New equipment requires less maintenance, and it can be easily adapted to future store redesigns or expansions. Refrigeration system upgrades also move grocers to lower global-warming potential refrigerants that cost much less. If a store converts to a sustainable CO2 refrigeration system, it gains protection from refrigerant phaseouts, fines and future regulatory requirements or penalties associated with synthetic refrigerants.

As you look for ways to spend remaining 2016 capex dollars, consider the benefits of a new refrigeration system. We can map out a plan for accomplishing your goals before your budget cycle ends, helping you capture all available cost-cutting rebates and incentives along the way.