Merchandising Tip: Moist and even cooling

By Published On: December 31, 2021

Moist and even cooling – the kind that actually extends the life of meat and seafood – are hallmarks of the conduction approach to refrigerated display case design. Conduction is heat transfer through the direct physical contact of two objects (or surfaces) at different temperatures. When two objects are in contact, heat flows from the warmer surface of one to the cooler surface of the other until both reach the same temperature – also known as equilibrium.

A display case using conduction includes a special type of deck pan through which a chilled fluid flows. When product is placed on the deck pan, the product is cooled to the desired temperature through contact with the deck pan. And since there is 
no air flowing over the product to cool it, there is very little moisture lost from evaporation. High, natural moisture levels keep the product fresher longer and reduce shrinking. Here are some display ware tips for merchandising in a case featuring conduction heat transfer.