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Opportunities to Expand Consumption throughout the Week

By Published On: December 31, 2021

People love the convenience of grabbing a prepared meal from the store. Whether they’re running late to work in the morning or they’re eating lunch in between meetings, over 60% of people will pick up a fully prepared meal from a local store once a week. That drops slightly to just under 50% for ready-to-heat and semi-prepared meals. Over a third of people pick up ready-to-heat or semi-prepared meals three times a week. And a quarter of people go for fully prepared meals three times a week. For any supermarket looking to expand its prepared and semi-prepared meal business, these numbers are exciting.

And for food retailers making a foray into the world of Grocerants, the numbers are equally encouraging. The frequency with which families and individuals — in particular, Millennials — enjoy an evening meal away from home is growing.