Energy Savings with The AMS Group Outside Mount Frame Retrofit


Grocery retailers are under pressure from rising energy costs eroding profits. In this project a 32 doors of reach-in
freezers were retrofitted with the Anthony OM Frame package to reduced energy consumption of the existing equipment
by 71%. In addition to energy savings, benefits also included improved lighting and attractive new doors with
larger glass viewing area.

Reach-in freezers installed over the last twenty years require anti-sweat heaters to keep the frame temperature above
the ambient dewpoint. The retailer not only pays for the direct anti-sweat heater power, but also for the indirect power
required to reject the heat from the refrigeration system.

Adding bulky insulation to existing frames would block return air flow. The OM Frame repositions the frame to the outside
of the insulated cabinet, which makes use of existing refrigerator insulation to minimize anti-sweat heat requirement
at the case header and sill. In this scenario, frame AS heat was reduced from 91w/dr to 56w/dr, for a 37% savings.
Adding no-heat Elimaator2 doors and Optimax Pro24 LED lights to the package further improves the savings for a
total of 71%.

Traditional Frame Position



Energy Upgrades

Give your store an energy tune–up for savings and a greener operation that customers love.

Energy consumption is the second highest operating cost for most supermarkets behind labor. But we can help you cut these costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

From remodels, to retrofits, to doors, to LED lighting — we have solutions to dramatically improve your energy efficiency.

We offer the most advanced energy saving solutions in the business — and some have saved our customers nearly 75% on energy costs.

Our Look on the Bright Side” LED retrofit brochure explains the advantages/benefits of LED vs. fluorescent lighting. The brochure includes photos, energy savings and longevity graphics to help explain the advantages. Download the brochure now!


Here are just a few of our many offerings to help you with energy savings:

  • ECM fan motors – save 50% over shaded–pole fan motors
  • LED lighting – 75% more energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs with triple the life span
  • Inverters for enhanced motor control – savings up to 50%
  • Glass swing doors on medium temp cases cut energy costs up to 65% per case
  • SweatMiser Anti–Sweat Heater controls to greatly reduce KWH usage (Click here for SweatMiser Manuals)
  • Smart Valves for more efficient operation
  • Custom solutions with incentives to pay you back for going green
  • Outside Mount LT door frames – energy savings up to 71%

Choose from our 7 key programs or we can customize one for you

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