Retailers can future-proof their business now by assessing alternative refrigerants…

Retailers can future-proof their business now by assessing alternative refrigerants before they hit the market

Now’s the time for supermarkets and convenience stores to assess whether soon-to-be-released sustainable refrigerants will be a good fit for their businesses — and Hillphoenix experts can help.

Major manufacturers plan to release refrigerants with lower global-warming potential in mid-2015. The new products will hit the market in advance of an anticipated phase out of R404A, a widely used refrigerant that U.S. and European regulators have targeted because of its potential for environmentally harmful emissions.

“Grocers and convenience store owners should start today assessing whether these new refrigerants will work with their existing equipment and align with their business plans. Those who begin today will be a big step ahead when the new refrigerants go on the market,” said Scott Martin, Hillphoenix Director of Sustainable Technologies. “Our objective, third-party analysis and recommendations enable retailers to plan now for what’s coming.”

Hillphoenix is working with refrigerant manufacturers and suppliers of commercial refrigeration components to understand the opportunities and challenges of the new refrigerants. Using this information, Hillphoenix can help customers conduct pilot projects to assess how suitable these refrigerants will be for their business. “Customers rely on us because of our industry knowledge and our proven expertise in alternative refrigerants,” Martin said. natural remedies for hair loss

Hillphoenix launched its first sustainable refrigeration solution in the 1990s and has pioneered innovations and improvements ever since. The company is recognized by customers, industry peers and regulators as a leader in alternative refrigeration solutions.