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Four Reasons Why Self-contained Cases Are Great for Any Store Format

Finding the right display case is crucial for any food retail store, especially since display cases are essential for most merchandising strategies. Refrigerated display cases maintain product integrity, provide easy product access to customers, and enhance the overall customer shopping experience; that’s why choosing the suitable merchandiser tool is essential for any store operations. Aside from the conventional remote refrigerated display cases, self-contained cases are becoming well-liked by a lot of food retailers for various reasons. Here are four features of self-contained cases that make them a great choice for any store format: Convenient Self-contained display cases are integrated refrigeration [...]

By |January 18, 2023|

How to Get Ahead in the Food Retail Industry in 2023

As an industry, we have seen a long trail of both challenges and improvements throughout the years. When it comes to competition, the retail food industry can be one of the more cut-throat spaces due to different existing food retail formats, retail channels, and now the proliferation of e-commerce platforms. With 2023 just around the corner, it is best to prepare early to continue to be on top of the competition. Trends, emerging technologies, and innovative, operational food-retail strategies —  what should be adopted and what should be left behind?  What are some keys to getting ahead in the food [...]

By |January 10, 2023|

EPA AIM Act Proposed Rule

A new proposed rule from the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) would have the following impacts on equipment sold and used in the food retail industry if approved: Beginning January 1st, 2025 Equipment containing >200 lbs. of refrigerant must use a refrigerant with <150 GWP Example: Centralized or distributed refrigeration racks Equipment containing <200 lbs. of refrigerant must use a refrigerant with <300 GWP Example: Condensing units and split systems Self-contained equipment must use a refrigerant with <150 GWP As of today, the only viable solutions for food retail are R-290 (propane) and R-744 (CO2). On December 15th, 2022, the [...]

By |January 10, 2023|

The Rise in Demand for Cold Storage and Its Impact on the Food Retail Industry

For many years, cold storage has been the pillar of many industries, such as food retail and pharmaceutical, to maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. It has been a key tool to keep the cold supply chain intact and help cool products in large volumes efficiently and effectively. Today, cold storage facilities are indispensable in the food retail industry due to the growing demand for perishable food products, the need to meet the complexities of the supply chain, and changes in consumer behavior and demographics. According to Grand View Research (a U.S.-based market research and consulting firm), the demand for [...]

By |December 21, 2022|

Holiday Season in Times of Soaring Food Prices

The upcoming fall and winter holidays are highly anticipated events for most Americans. However, the soaring prices of gas, essential items, and especially groceries,  threaten how we celebrate this year. As we are in the thick of inflation, consumers and retailers are challenged with how to balance expenditures versus cash flow. As expected, retailers are honing their strategies throughout the holiday rush in light of the current economic realities.  On the other hand, consumers are focused on buying food items that bring them value as they carefully recalculate how much they should spend on holiday meals and other favorites without [...]

By |December 12, 2022|

Despite Current Supply Challenges, the Decision to Utilize CO2 as a Refrigerant Can Give Retailers a More Secure Place in The Future

The past couple of years have presented challenges for the global supply chain and our industry has not been excluded from those challenges. Supply chain issues from the COVID pandemic combined with contamination at a naturally occurring CO2 site have had a lingering impact on CO2 gas production and its availability. CO2 is produced as a byproduct of several manufacturing processes such as the formation of hydrocarbons or various distillation and fermentation processes.  After CO2 gas has been isolated it is purified into various levels, removing impurities, moisture, and non-condensable gases resulting in different grades of CO2 for various applications. [...]

By |November 29, 2022|

A Look into the Future — Food Retail Predictions for 2023

The food retail industry has been immensely challenged, disrupted, and altered in the past several years, especially since the onset of the global health crisis. Now, as consumer behavior changes and the adoption of technology throughout the food retail landscape booms, the industry is in constant transition. Year over year, we have seen different trends and innovations shaping the food retail industry and the coming year isn’t any different. Soon enough, 2023 will be right at our doorsteps, bringing with it new trends in food, retail operation, and grocery shopping. Here are some food retail predictions for 2023 and how [...]

By |November 22, 2022|

The Impact of Gen Z on the Food Retail Industry

The food retail industry isn’t new to adjusting store operations to accommodate customers’ ever-changing needs and shopping behavior. When it comes to demographics, food retailers have shifted tides for boomers who constantly want to shop in-store, while at the same time adopting the online revolution to cater to the demands of the millennials. Now, times have changed because the new kids on the block, Gen Zs are here and they are slowly but surely shaping the food retail landscape. Dubbed ‘digital natives’ and born into technology, Gen Z is disrupting industries worldwide and rapidly influencing how we do things in [...]

By |November 7, 2022|

The Role of E-Commerce in Today’s Complex Food Retail Landscape

The accelerated use of e-commerce in the food retail space has greatly changed how we do things. As consumers, it has become a convenient choice to get our food for our dinner tables from restaurants or grocery stores. As for grocers, the integration of e-commerce in their brick-and-mortar store operations has both increased their market share and boosted their bottom line. Providing this platform for customers to shop remotely has helped food retailers meet their customers, wherever they are. Safe to say that e-commerce has brought revolutionary advantages to both consumers across demographics and to grocers of all sizes and [...]

By |October 31, 2022|

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Guidance on Refrigeration Systems Reporting

Refrigeration Systems and Chillers Facilities with a refrigeration system and/or chillers requiring 50 pounds or more of a high-GWP refrigerant are required to register their facility, keep records of their refrigerant usage, and report that information to the Department. This information is used by the Department to calculate emissions from maintenance of and leaks from these sources.  A high-GWP refrigerant is any compound or blend of compounds with a 100-year GWP value equal to or greater than 150. The Department maintains a list of high-GWP refrigerants and their 100-year GWP values, for informational purposes.  Read More >

By |October 28, 2022|

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